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  • Upcoming Shows

    Janet Levine March Gallery

    March 2019

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    Opening night March 6, 2019

    Free wine!.





    Bennet LeMaster at Werthan Lofts Germantown


    September-November 2018, Bennet will display work at Werthan Lofts, Germantown.

    Harding Art Show 2018


    May 3-5, 2018, Bennet will be at the Harding Art Show at Harding Academy in Nashville, TN.







    Artclectic 2017


    October 19-21, Bennet will be at the Artclectic Art Show at The University School of Nashville





  • About the Artist

    Bennet LeMaster is a abstract expressionist born, raised, and based in Nashville, Tennessee.


    Her work is experimental, forms and lines encroaching on space created through mediums ranging spray paint, to acrylic, to oil.


    Her work can be purchased at shows listed on her site or via commission.

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    Nashville Arts Magazine

    October Issue 2017